Herbal Tea mix 30g Tamfi "Coffee Shop blend" alternative substitute


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Coffee Shop includes a blend of Raspberry Leaf, Marshmallow Leaf and Mullein.
Anyone who has tried to give up knows this is extremely difficult, most return within a few days. With this Herbal Blend it is now much easier, no Patches, no Chewing Gum or any other product is needed.
When you get a craving, simply roll a Herbal Tamfi and use normally, the taste is fairly mild and is not an overpowering flavor like some on the Market.
By replacing with an Herbal alternative you are not putting the addictive Nicotine into your body which is the cause of the cravings. 
This allows for you to keep the Habit while reducing the addiction to Nicotine.
All natural products
Nicotine free
No Formaldehyde or DDT
Made from hand-selected ingredients
Easy-to-roll, smooth texture reducing puncture risk.


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