Christmas Sale Has Started!

You can now get 20% off of our blends, that means each blend is £6 right now. You can also start your Tamfi Subscription with an even greater discount than normal, check out the savings compared to buying normally.

1 Pouch Subscription - £7.13 (regular saving .37p), £5.71 (sale saving £1.79)

2 Pouch Subscription - £13.50 (regular £1.50), £10.80 (sale saving £4.20)

3 Pouch Subscription - £19.13 (regular £3.37), £15.31 (sale saving £7.19)

4 Pouch Subscription - £24 (regular £6), £19.20 (sale saving £10.80)

If that saving isn't enough for you then maybe you'd be interesting in an exclusive discount code you can use at any time when there are no active sales because that's what you'll get when you subscribe, you'll be able to use an exclusive discount code for 10% at any time as long as you are still subscribed so you can buy more Tamfi for less.

And as a final benefit when you subscribe, you'll be entered into a giveaway for 1 free pouch of your choosing every month. The level of your subscription reflects the amount of entries you get in the giveaway.

1 Pouch Subscription - 1 Entry

2 Pouch Subscription - 2 Entries

3 Pouch Subscription - 3 Entries

4 Pouch Subscription - 5 Entries

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